Let’s Go on a Trip

Want to feel confident in sharing your faith?
Come with us to NYC where you will learn to share God’s Story with confidence to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

What is the NYC Trip all about?

This week long missions experience gives hands-on training for a lifetime of loving, confident Gospel witness. Vast multi-cultural encounters in New York City provide unparalleled opportunities for demonstrating the love of Jesus. By selecting one of four ministry tracks participants minister through prayer and conversation (Streets & Parks) or through free sports camps and VBS (Above the Rim Basketball, One Touch Soccer, and Summer Fun Week). Our Participants all return home with an urgency and enthusiasm to share the beauty of God’s Story — and they are equipped and confident to do so.

Common Q&A’s

Who is this trip for?

People just like you! Whether you are an individual, a couple, a family with kids, a small group, a church, best friends, siblings, or a college team… NYC is for you!

When is the Trip?

Here are the dates for the NYC 2020 trip.

7 DAY TRIP | April 1-7 4 DAY TRIP | April 1-1

What are the “tracks”?

Each NYC participant selects one of the four ministry tracks for the week. Whatever track you select, training materials and sessions will be provided to equip you to effectively share God’s Story.

Tracks Available

  • Streets & Parks
  • One Touch Soccer
  • Above the Rim Basketball
  • Summer Fun Week

Why NYC?

New York City truly is the melting pot of the world. We have the unique opportunity, for one week, to take the gospel to this international city. If we reach the city, we reach the world.

Jan 1 - Mar 31
through December 31
after April 1

Trip Cost

The NYC ’20 trip pricing is dependent upon your booking date, itinerary, travel, room selection, and sight-seeing tours. You have until June 15 to pay for your entire trip cost. Any balance remaining on June 15 will automatically be charged to your credit card along with a $100 late fee.

Booking Date & Itinerary

Rates will increase as the trip dates draw near. Rates listed do not include travel and are based on quad occupancy (4 people/2beds) room selection.

The New York Trip with Spread Truth will always be one of my favorite memories. This trip truly will change your life.

We know that going on this trip will change your life