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SEBTS Students
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SEBTS NYC 7 Day Summer Trip‚?®

Statement of the Terms and Conditions

Trip Dates: Sunday, July 20, 2014 - Saturday, July 26, 2014

Trip Cost:

Regular Registration from January 13, 2014 until April 11, 2014 - $779* plus booked cost of airfare and airport transfers.

Late Registration from April 12, 2014 until May 16, 2014 - $825* plus booked cost of airfare and airport transfers.  Based on available space only.

The trip cost includes hotel accommodations (quad occupancy), meeting space, unlimited ride subway card, trained leaders/directors including Dr. George Robinson, training materials, support materials, and evangelism materials as well as online account management which includes processing of all donation support.   SEBTS students will also receive 3 credit hours.
Online Trip Application Fee (Deposit): $125 (will applied to your registered trip cost) This is your non-refundable trip deposit to secure your reservation. ‚?®

Sign Up Deadline: May 16, 2014‚?®

Travel Cost: due 10 business days after invoice (this cost is in addition to your non-refundable deposit) Airfare and transfers costs are non-refundable.‚?®

Final Balance of Trip Costs for all Registrations Due: on or before June 6, 2014

Accountability Clause:‚?® As a participant on this mission trip, I assume responsibility for full payment of the mission trip costs.¬† I understand that I may raise support from donors for these costs but the ultimate responsibility is mine.¬† As a convenience, I understand that Spread Truth will automatically charge my credit card on file for the remaining balance on the due date (June 6, 2014) unless I notify Spread Truth in advance with an alternate form of payment.


Trip Cancellation Fees: ‚?® Your $125 application fee (deposit) is non‚?źrefundable. The following fees apply if you decide to cancel your trip:‚?®‚?®

60 or more days prior to trip departure ‚?? full refund** less $125 deposit‚?®

59-45 days prior to departure - $200 cancellation fee plus $125 deposit = $325

44-31 days prior to departure - $350 cancellation fee plus $125 deposit = $475‚?®

30-0 days prior to departure - $625 cancellation fee plus $125 deposit = $750

If you booked travel through Spread Truth, the cost of travel is also non-refundable and non-transferable.


Transportation:‚?® Team members have the option of Spread Truth Ministries booking their transportation (which includes airfare and airport transfers) through our travel partner, Suzi Davis Travel. Our partnership with Suzi Davis Travel, allows transportation costs to be billed through Spread Truth Ministries upon purchase of the ticket (keeping the cost of the airfare, tax deductible). Airfare costs will be due within 10 business days after transportation approval. This cost is in addition to the non-refundable application fee. Any deposits (other than the application) or donations received to the account will be applied to this cost. Team members who choose not to book transportation through Spread Truth will be provided with a guideline sheet for arrival, departure and transfer options. Team members who book their own travel must submit their travel arrangements to Spread Truth at least 45 days prior to departure.

Accounts: ‚?®Each team member will be set up with an account at Spread Truth Ministries. This account is specified by the team member's id number. Team members will receive their member id number via email when they register for an online GO trip account. Their account is where donations/payments will be deposited. Team members will be able to view their account status (updated daily) online including donations received, money still owed, and contributors name and the amount of the contribution. Team members should reference their member id number on all support letters sent.

Donations:‚?® Make checks payable to Spread Truth Ministries. All donations made payable to Spread Truth Ministries are tax deductible. We cannot accept checks that are made payable to an individual team member. Checks that are returned from the bank for non sufficient funds will incur a $5.00 service charge to the team member. We highly recommend that team members write a date of two weeks out from the date they mail their first support letters. There are several reasons for this: 1. It shows a sense of urgency to the prospective donor (a donor is not as likely to throw in a pile with other materials); 2. Allows you the opportunity to write thank you letters prior to the trip telling donors how much you have raised (this often may elicit additional money); 3. If you haven‚??t received all your support within two weeks you can write additional donors. It is best if donors mail their checks directly to Spread Truth Ministries, P.O. Box 3171, Bloomington, IL 61702-3171. If you send a return envelope put the mailing address as Spread Truth Ministries and put your name and address as well as your member id number in the return address at the top left.

Support Materials:‚?® Support letters for all ministry tracks are available through your GO trip account.¬† These are form letters that can be personalized with your personal information. Please review the Support Letter Instructions before completing and mailing support letters.

Training:‚?® All team members are required to go through Spread Truth evangelism training in their ministry track area. Training typically begins in May/June. Team members will receive information regarding training via email.

Payment Options: ‚?® By check: mailed to and made payable to Spread Truth Ministries memo: "your member id number" ‚?®Team Member can make payments by credit card through your online Go Admin account.¬† Donors can make online donations via credit card at www.nycm.org/give.

Under Age Team Members:‚?® Any team member under the age of 18 years old, must have a parent or guardian fill out a liability release form and have a guardian attending the trip that is 21 years of age or older. Also under age team members must have an adult (21 or older) staying in their room while in NYC.

Additional Costs:‚?® Meals are not included in the price of the trip. Participants are allowed (by the IRS) to raise support for up to $41 per day (maximum of $246) over the cost of the trip. Any additional funds that are raised beyond the cost of the trip and the daily meal allowance will be placed in the NYC Ministries general fund to purchase evangelism materials. Example: Susan raises $1200 from various donors. $900 is applied to pay for the cost of the trip (this would be the cost plus airfare/transfers); she receives the maximum allowance for food - $246. The remaining $54 goes to the general fund. Participants may continue to receive support toward their meal money reimbursement until July 1, 2011. Money raised for food allowances will be reimbursed to the team member by check and mailed 5 business days prior to the trip.

Trip Insurance:‚?® We offer trip insurance at a cost of an additional $75 per person. This insurance has multiple benefits including but not limited to, trip cancellation (for medical reasons only) reimbursement, trip interruption costs reimbursement (this includes additional lodging, transfer fees or new flights), baggage delay and loss coverage, and trip medical expense coverage. Trip participants should keep all receipts for additional expenses incurred that may be covered under this insurance plan.¬† Those 65 years old or over will incur an additional $20 fee.

Medical Insurance Coverage:‚?® While it is not required, we prefer all team members have medical insurance coverage while on the trip.¬† Anyone not covered under a regular policy will be asked to sign a medical insurance release form that indicates they will be responsible to pay any out of pocket costs for any medical expenses that occur on the trip or because of trip participation.

Excess Funds Raised:‚?® Excess funds will not be transferable to other trip members, unless it is an immediate family member (spouse, parent, child, sibling). In addition, excess funds will not be transferable to future trips. Excess funds raised over the initial cost of the trip and meal money will go into the general fund.

Unforeseen Expenses:‚?® Trip participants are responsible for any unforeseen expenses that may be incurred while on the trip, including but not limited to: missed connections, weather delays, extra hotel nights, additional meals, room damages, and medical expenses.

*price subject to change

**refunds are available for funds paid by the trip participant only.  According to IRS guidelines, tax-deductible donations are at the sole discretion of Spread Truth Ministries.  Donations for a trip participant that cancels will go toward the general trip fund to pay for expenses of the trip.  Please inform your donors of this policy.

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